Penrallt Baptist Church

Online Communion Service: Sunday 26th April 2020 (10:30am)

This is the outline of a service to share in together at our computers (or phones, tablets etc.), starting at 10:30am on Sunday morning 26th April 2020, but you are also welcome to use it at other times. We suggest working your way down the page, reading out the prayers and playing the videos, singing along with the songs and following other directions given below. Words of songs and prayers that are not included as subtitles in videos are listed directly below them. There is no time limit, so take as long or short a time as you want on each section (or skip them entirely if you prefer).


Welcome to our Sunday Service. It's so good to be gathered together. Today's preacher is our minister, Revd. John Thompson. The songs were chosen by Cath Owen and the children's material by John Thompson and Wendy Lemon. Prayers were provided by Donald Poirot. This is a communion service — if you wish to participate in the communion please ensure you have bread and wine (or equivalents) to hand.

Call to Worship

As we open our hearts to hear God speak to us this morning, let’s listen and reflect on Psalm 16:

Opening Song: I Have A Home (Abide With Me)

Children's Activity

To follow this video you will need a pair of scissors and a sheet of A4 paper. Young children should be supervised while doing this activity.


Children's Song: Lord I Lift Your Name On High


Bible Reading: Luke 24:13-35 (The Road to Emmaus)

In case you are unable to view the video or would prefer to listen to the reading, here is an audio version:

If you wish, you can read this passage at BibleGateway.

All-Age Bible Story

If you wish, you can watch this video from the Bible Society, in which Penrallt's friend Dai Woolridge retells the story from today's reading:

You may also like to download a copy of this colouring page for your children to use during the sermon:

colouring sheet

Feel free to upload your children's pictures to our Facebook page so that we can admire them during our Zoom chat after the service.

Song: Praise Is Rising

Sermon: Jesus, Risen & Present

In case you are unable to view the video or would prefer to listen to the talk, here is an audio version:

Song: I Cast My Mind


In order to participate in the communion, please ensure you have bread and wine (or equivalents) to hand before playing this video.

Closing Song: Before The Throne Of God Above

The Grace

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
and the love of God
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with us all, evermore. Amen.

Post-Service Chat

After the service we are intending to hold a post-service chat on Zoom, from around 11:30am on Sunday 26th April for about half an hour. Please follow this link to join us.

This evening

The Baptist Union of Great Britain are holding a short prayer broadcast every Sunday and Wednesday evening at 7pm. The link for this evening's broadcast (and recordings of previous ones) should be available at this page on the Baptists Together website.

Post-script: Please help us improve

We are now getting to grips with the online service format but there is still room for improvement. You can help by providing us with constructive feedback. Let us know (by email to what has worked well and what could be improved, preferably with practical suggestions for how.

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