Our speaker this morning is Jon Stammers. The worship leader is James Goodman, the prayers were provided by Tim Whitton and the children's material by Wendy Lemon. The Act of Remembrance will be led by Magnus Forrester-Barker.

Call to Worship

Song: My Worth Is Not In What I Own

Children's Talk

Children's Song: You Make Me Brave

Act of Remembrance

If you are able to do so, please join us on Zoom for our Act of Remembrance. In order to observe two minutes' silence at 11am we will start the live service promptly at 10:55am on Sunday 8th November. The meeting room should be open by 10:50am — click on the button to join.

After the Act of Remembrance, you are welcome to stay with us as we go through the rest of the service together using the videos below. Our post-service chat this week will follow on directly at the end of the service, in the same Zoom meeting; another link is provided later on this page.


If you would like us to pray for you, or wish to receive information to help you pray, please contact the church office. If your browser is set up to allow it, you can use the following button to send us an email:

Song: We're Looking To Your Promise

Bible Reading: Isaiah 46

In case you are unable to view the video or would prefer to listen to the reading, here is an audio version:

The passage is available to read at Bible Gateway (the links are to the NIV text but the website also provides many other options):

Sermon: Remember The Former Things

In case you are unable to view the video or would prefer to listen to the sermon, here is an audio version:

Closing Song: Great Is Thy Faithfulness

The Grace

After The Service

Our post-service chat this week will follow on directly from the Remembrance service on Zoom, which should finish at around 11:30am on Sunday morning. You are very very welcome to join us for the chat even if you are unable to make the service, but please be aware that the service may still be going on as you arrive. We usually break into smaller groups for a few minutes from about 11:45am.

This Week

The Baptist Union of Great Britain are holding a short prayer broadcast every Wednesday evening at 7pm. The link for this week's broadcast (and recordings of previous ones) should be available at this page on the Baptists Together website.

Other events taking place this week and next Sunday were mentioned in the notices section at the top of this page.