Our preacher this morning is our minister, Revd. John Thompson. The worship leader is Abi Penney, the prayers are led by Lesley Jackson and the children's material was provided by Wendy Lemon.

Call To Worship

Song: Iesu, Iesu, Rwyt Ti'n Ddigon

The video is only subtitled in Welsh, the language in which the hymn is being sung. Here is an English translation, which you are welcome to sing if you prefer:

Jesus, Jesus, all-sufficient
beyond telling is Your worth:
In Your name lies greater treasure
than the richest found on earth.
Such abundance (x2)
is my portion with my God.

In Your gracious face there's beauty,
far surpassing everything
found in all the earth's great wonders
mortal eye has ever seen.
Rose of Sharon (x2)
You Yourself are heaven's delight.

William Williams (1717-91); tr. Bobi Jones

Children's Talk

Here is the recipe mentioned in the video:

Children's Song: Our God Is A Great Big God

Song: This Is Our God


The examples mentioned by Lesley at the start of the video can be found in the following Bible verses:

She also alludes to the following New Testament verses:

A recommended source of further information about Rees Howells is the book Rees Howells, Intercessor by Norman Grubb (Lutterworth Press, May 2003).

Song: O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus

Readings: Psalm 133 & John 15:1–17

These passages are available to read at Bible Gateway:

Sermon: Christian Unity

Song: Shine

The Grace

After The Service

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