Our preacher this morning is Jon Stammers. The worship leader is Abi Penney, the prayers are led by Tim Whitton and the children's material was provided by Wendy Lemon.

Call To Worship

Song: Man of Sorrows

Children's Talk Part 1: The Challenge

Children's Song: Good, Good Father

Song: Goodness of God


Song: From the inside out

A longer version of this song is available in another video at the end of the service if you would like to worship along with it.

Reading: Psalm 4

This psalm is available to read at Bible Gateway (the link is to the NIV but many other versions are also available):

Sermon: God gives us room

Children's Talk Part 2: The Solution

Song: Strength Will Rise

The Grace

After The Service

Join us for a chat on Zoom at 11:30 on Sunday morning. All are welcome, including visitors.

Here is another, longer version of one of the songs we had during the service: