Our preacher this morning is Arwel Jones from Capel Caersalem in Caernarfon; Arwel will also be leading communion. The worship leader is John Jackson, the prayers are led by Sally Jones, the children's talk by Tim Whitton and the children's song and Bible reading by Magnus Forrester-Barker.

Call To Worship & Songs: Jesus, the name high over all / Come, let us join / All hail the Lamb

Children's Talk

Children's Song: Pull For The Shore


Songs: You are beautiful / Altogether beautiful

The videos of the sermon and communion were taken from the Zoom meeting. We apologise for the poor audio and video quality, due to the limitations of Zoom.

Sermon: Jesus Calms The Storm

The Bible reading (Luke 8:22-25) is included in the sermon video; this passage is also available to read at Bible Gateway:

Song: Remembrance


Song: Cornerstone

This song was sung live in the Zoom service but not successfully recorded. Here instead is another version of it.

The Grace

After The Service

As always, we stayed to chat on Zoom after the service on Sunday morning. The Zoom chat takes place every Sunday, even when the service is broadcast live from our building, though the start time can be variable (it is usually between 11:30am and noon). You are welcome to join us but please be aware that if you are joining just for the chat, the service may still be going on when you arrive.

We started the Zoom service with a short video to give people extra time to arrive or to gather the communion elements. Magnus put this video together as a reflection on the children's songs from this week and last week's services: