Penrallt Baptist Church

Morning Service: Sunday 22nd August 2021 (10:30am)

This week's service was held live in our building and on Zoom. This service included an infant dedication (our first since the pandemic, and our first with John as our Minister). Here is a recording of the service:

The sermon, Jesus Feeds 5,000, is part of our ongoing series on discipleship, which can be found on our sermon series page (this is Part 23). Although the series is based on Luke's gospel, we used the parallel account in John's gospel this week, as this has a greater focus on the young boy, which is appropriate for a dedication service. The text of both passages can be found at Bible Gateway:

A message from John Thompson

John Thompson, Penrallt's Minister

Hi! I'm the minister at Penrallt, and part of the leadership team here. We’d love to hear from you and pray for you, whether you live in the Bangor area or you live further afield and have found us on the internet.