Services at Penrallt

Morning Service at Penrallt

Sunday services: 10:30am and 6pm

The morning service has facilities for children and young people with crèche, classes, and a worship style for all ages. It finishes around 12:00 and is followed by tea and coffee (except the first Sunday of the month, when we have a bring & share lunch).

The evening service is often more meditative in style, and lasts for about an hour. Roughly once a month we have a café church service, which is even more informal than our other services.

Recordings of most of our sermons and notes to accompany some of the sermon series can be found on our sermons page.

Find out what we have been singing recently by looking at our songs database.

Words of songs etc. are projected onto the screen at the front of the chapel, bilingually (in English and Welsh) whenever possible. Large-print words for the morning service are avaiable in folders at the entrance. There are normally enough to go round, but if you wish to ensure that you get some you are welcome to contact the church office and we can reserve a set for you. We can also provide large print words for the evening service on request.

Penrallt is wheelchair-friendly, with an access ramp to the front and side doors, wide aisles and movable chairs. We have an induction loop system for the hard of hearing, and disabled toilets. We do our best to be as accessible as possible for everyone, but please do let us know if there are ways we can help you specifically or improve our services generally.

Forthcoming services

26th May 2019

10:30am - Communion
The Marriage at Cana (John, part 1)
John 2:1-11. Preacher: Donald Poirot.
Living godly lives in a pagan society (1 Peter (2019), part 3)
1 Peter 2:11-25. Preacher: Roger Borlace.

2nd June 2019 - Ascension Sunday

Exalted to the highest placePhilippians 2:9-11. Preacher: Magnus Forrester-Barker.
6pm - Communion
This was not done in a corner - a very public momentActs 1:1-11. Preacher: Peter Cousins.

9th June 2019 - Pentecost Sunday

Jesus cleanses our hearts (John, part 2)
John 2:12-25. Preacher: John Thompson.
6pm - Pentecost Praise service at Bangor Cathedral. No service at Penrallt.

16th June 2019

10:30am - Father's Day family service led by Wendy Lemon.
The Cost of Love1 Corinthians 13. Preacher: Joan Beer.

23rd June 2019

Nicodemus: You must be born again (John, part 3)
John 3:1-8. Preacher: Neil Rymer.
Jesus, our great high priest (Hebrews, part 2)
Hebrews ch. 3-5. Preacher: James Goodman.

30th June 2019

10:30am - Communion service led by the Pastoral Care Team
Going Through Discouragement
Live in harmony with one another (1 Peter (2019), part 4)
1 Peter 3. Preacher: Roger Borlace.